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Techno battle

I hate anything technical that\’s called \”intuitive\”. That means they can\’t be bothered to write instructions and you\’re supposed to guess but if you\’re older than 25, you will have no clue as to where to start or what to guess.
Yes, I have bought another piece of kit – my very first MP3 player, mainly because I need the voice recorder for my TESOL course. The sound quality isn\’t very good so I may have to use an old-fashioned cassette tape recorder anyway. But it took me an hour and a half of struggle to fail completely in my mission to find out how to record. Yes, I went on the manufacturers\’ website. No, as usual, it was no good at all. No, it didn\’t have downloadable instructions. No, the FAQs (all five of them) were no help.
This is because these bits of kit are designed by children who cannot even imagine a human being could exist who didn\’t already know which button to press. As a result they see no reason to explain it.
Luckily Bryn, my daughter\’s boyfriend, is not only a techno-hero but a saint who talked me through it even though he was in the middle of a party and so I found out how to record.
You press the Start button. Yeah, well, how was I to know?

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