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So the MP3 player recorded but the voice quality was terrible. So I rushed round Truro looking for audio cassettes for the old recorders in the college. No dice. The world stopped making them last autumn and nobody had any at all. So I bought a dictaphone. No dice. That didn\’t work either.
One of the other trainees very kindly lent me a Sony Walkman which I used to do the recording, but I\’m now worried I\’ve somehow done it wrong – one voice (mine) is loud, the other is too soft. I\’m hoping my audio software will sort it out but it means I\’ve effectively got to cancel Sunday to do battle.
I\’m very proud that in all this kerfuffle I didn\’t scream, cry, swear or punch any pieces of equipment. And at least Curry\’s gave me my money back for the things that didn\’t work properly.
One of the reasons why I find technical stuff so stressful is that it\’s ALWAYS a struggle to get anything to work for me. I don\’t know why, it just is.
Clearly I am a dren.


  1. William says:

    The thing I use is a Sanyo ICR-B170NX dictating machine. Cheap, bought at an airport, and I’ve had it for years. Records adequately a one-to-one interview, phone conversation, conference hall. If you want to record phone conversations, you need a “watsonmike”, which doesn’t get interference if you’re recording a mobile. Google it.

    1. Patricia says:

      Yes, the thing I bought that didn’t even switch on was one of those type of things. I will look into it and buy one as soon as my finances recover a bit from the complete meltdown of the young tenant in my shop.

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