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Fashion? Wot\’s that?

OK. Nobody is ever going to call me fashionable. But when I first lost a lot of weight, I had a great time buying normal clothes – there were some lovely colours in the shops, purples and pinks mainly, and some short skirts which in retrospect I probably shouldn\’t have bought, but hey… I was having fun.
This year… Well this year I haven\’t bought anything apart from a fuschia t-shirt on sale and some jeans from a charity shop. And it\’s not just down to finance. I could buy more if I wanted (though I\’d have to cut down on books a bit), I just don\’t want. I think all the clothes on sale at the moment are absolutely hideous and not only would they not suit me, they don\’t really suit anyone, even the really beautiful girls strutting around in their heels and french-polished nails.
The shops are full of SALE signs so I think a lot of the beautiful girls agree with me. And it\’s the fashion world\’s own fault.
I\’ve been working it out and I think this is what they do. They have a five year cycle in colours. Jewel colours, Primaries, Pastels, Sour and Busy. This year, it\’s Busy (flowers and bad LSD trips) and they\’re using up some Sour lots from last year. They also have a six year cycle for silhouette shapes and trouser lengths which is cunningly offset from the colour-wheel. That way they make sure no clothes you buy one year will match or go with anything you bought the year before or the year following, so the idea is that you have to go and buy more.
Or alternatively, you just won\’t buy anything. And this is how it\’s all blown up in their faces. Serve them right.

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