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About Me

I am both P F Chisholm and Patricia Finney

I’ve been a Trad-published author since I was 18 and a cool new Indie since 2020. I’m still here. I write whatever comes to me but my most successful books have been the Sir Robert Carey historical crime series under P F Chisholm and the Good Dog Jack stories under Patricia Finney.

At the moment I’m putting the finishing touches to a new book in the James Enys series which is in urgent need of a title – it’s the Origin story. I plan to relaunch the other two Enys books when I publish that one, with new covers and metdata.

I’ve also just finished rewriting A TASTE OF WITCHCRAFT, the tenth in the Sir Robert Carey series which I would really like to publish along with the first in series A FAMINE OF HORSES. A tentative date might be September 2021.

Day jobs I have held: columnist on the London Evening News; freelance feature journalist; sub-editor; teacher (to adults) of English as a foreign language; coffee shop entrepreneur; office cleaner; stand-up historian.

Hobbies I have dabbled in: horse riding, re-enactment sewing, knitting, learning languages – most recently Hungarian, previously Spanish and French, playing guitar (badly), playing piano (badly), singing (not so badly), cooking, gardening, drinking cafe cognac at 8 am in Spain (bad idea).

I love martial arts and after three years’ learning Systema in Hungary, I’m starting again at the beginning with Karate in Cornwall.

Impedimenta: I have a daughter and two sons, all grown up and self-propelling. Also a large and well-upholstered black and white cat called “Whispers,” although “Shouts” might be a better name for him. Or “Thuds.”