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Christmas Bloody Christmas

I love Christmas. Really I do. What I hate is the four to five month build-up, starting in August. I know all the business reasons for this, with everyone trying to get in before everyone else and feeling they have to get it all sorted in summer. It\’s the same sort of lunacy that has shops doing Back To School offers before the poor kids have even broken up for the summer (and only lunatics buy kids their school uniform before the summer holidays when they\’re liable to grow an inch or three).

It was great in Spain. There Christmas starts with a bang on the first of December and stops with los Reyes Magos on the 6th of January. It\’s fun and exciting and the tinsel doesn\’t have time to get tired and grubby and the kids don\’t get so wound up about all the stuff they want that they can\’t think straight.

Yes, of course, I delete all the premature Christmas stuff, noting the companies that are the worst offenders to make sure I don\’t make the mistake of doing business with them.I do nothing about Christmas until the end of November.
Then from 1st December to 6th January I really enjoy it all – Christmas pud, tinsel, silly TV, daft presents, Christmas carols, the lot. Try it some time. You might like it.

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