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Cowboys and Aliens is probably the most honest film title ever. It does exactly what it says on the high-concept tin. You have cowboys. A good assortment of honest ornery townfolk, rough but good-hearted cattle baron (step forth, Harrison Ford, with the cutest grin in the West still up and running), deadly stranger with a past he can\’t remember and a price on his head (yes, you, Craig, Daniel Craig), honest Injuns – sorry, Native Americans – and some outlaws and …er…
You have aliens. Wicked ones, looking for gold. In a great big rocket ship.
And basically that\’s it. You know what\’s going to happen, who the other characters are and how many times there will be lots of shooting. No surprises whatever in the plot and all these hard-bitten guys with experience in the Civil War make exactly the sort of dumb basic tactical errors that any soft wet film director would make so as to get some dramatic action.
I mean, I wouldn\’t gallop a tightly bunched force of men right into a ravine without checking for ambushes and I\’m not even a hard-bitten cattle baron with experience of war. But never mind.
Nobody goes to a movie called Cowboys and Aliens expecting great art and they won\’t get it – but it does what it says on the tin and it\’s silly fun while it lasts. And Harrison Ford\’s grin is still an awful lot cuter than Craig\’s.

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