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\”Bransonville, dateline 29 August 2061

Yes – anthr bookshp is opnin on de Moon. Lol 2 evry1 who sed bookshps wer finished with the new cranial plug-ins! Trad books in retro ereaders – u cn even get fizzical hardcopies wiv de best Moon-grown coffee u eva tasted…\”
My #2 son refuses to pay for movies or music – but he\’ll spend his own money on smart beautifully produced hardbacks and graphic novels and on massive fantasy novels like George RR Martin\’s Game of Thrones series. Luckily we have a wonderful Waterstones in the centre of Truro with a Costa coffee shop which is evidently the only place to hang out. He\’s not even put off by the fact that I\’m constantly in there, reading the books (and buying far more than I actually have space for), writing and drinking coffee.
Bookshops have only really been with us since the 16th century and the invention of printing – now they\’re becoming what monasteries were in the Dark Ages. They are bastions of civilization, places where people who read can meet each other, social hubs, temples of literacy.
HMV were mad to sell the Waterstones chain but it\’s probably just as well they did. I was relieved at the news that Waterstones had been bought for a bargain £53 million by the Russian billionaire Alexander Mamut and delighted when he appointed the inspiring bookseller James Daunt of Daunt Books to run it.
TV was supposed to kill off theatre and live music – instead they\’re thriving and it\’s TV that\’s in trouble. Huge corporate publishers will probably go bust, books might change physically, genres will come and go and new ones will emerge. Nothing (not even a cranial plug-in) can give the emotional immersion of a really good book. But for all the wonders of Internet shopping, we still want something to hold, we still want to browse and we still need people who can listen to our feeble burblings about this really great book with a yellow cover and find it for us. 
That\’s why there will be bookshops on the Moon.

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