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The teaspoon put.

Why do we do it? We make a cup of tea or coffee. We stir it.
Then, with great care, we put the teaspoon down, still wet, on the counter or the draining board, less than six inches from the sink and we pick up our mug and leave it there.
Why? Seriously? It makes a small sticky puddle on the counter which someone – quite possibly ourselves – will have to wipe up and it instantly untidies the whole counter. It would take less time and less effort simply to chuck the spoon in the sink. I moan about it when other people do it and yet I do it myself. There\’s no world shortage of clean teaspoons and even if there were, I wouldn\’t use someone else\’s dirty one, I\’d wash it first.
So why do we do it? In comparison, war is a relatively rational activity. Could some clever psychologist find out, please?

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