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Tech meltdown

All I wanted to do was transfer an mp3 file from my laptop to my Samsung phone. Yes, it supposedly can achieve this modern miracle that millions of people do routinely every day. No, I\’ve never done it before. Yes, I wanted to, I just kept putting it off. See if you can work out why.
What happened? Well, after carefully reading the manual (how many people do that?), I followed the instructions and when they didn\’t work, I followed the new instructions and when that didn\’t work either, I went on the Samsung website and tried to do what that instructed and when that didn\’t work, I asked someone\’s advice but she\’d only ever used an iPod, and then I tried again and when that didn\’t work I tried Help which told me to do what I\’d been trying to do umpty-ump times with no success at all and when I tried it anyway…
Computer. Still. Said. No.
So I said, \”Sod you, you lump of jumped-up rock and plastic, I don\’t even want to listen to mp3s on my phone, so there.\”
But it doesn\’t care.

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