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What a nice surprise – thank you, easyjet!

I’m going over to the UK for a couple of days because my mother seems to be recovering from Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.
Yes, I know that’s impossible. That’s why I want to see her for myself. Apparently she’s talking, she’s alert, she’s eating, she was explaining the difference between a magistrate and a judge to one of the staff at the nursing home, she even read something.
When I saw her at Christmas she was unresponsive, only seemed able to make strange wailing sounds, had gone down to 37 kilos despite the constant efforts of the staff to feed her up and spent most of the day I was with her, fast asleep. So I’m going to see for myself.
So I booked a flight with easyJet at only half the cost of exactly the same thing from B.A., hit the button after checking very carefully and only checked the boarding passes they sent me because I always have to check.
Good thing I did. Instead of a lightening trip of two days (2nd to 4th February), I’d managed to book myself a nice extended holiday from 2nd February to the 4th of March. How, I don’t know. Fat fingers? I didn’t spot it before because the 4th of March is also a Wednesday.
Aargh! I said (and other things). I banged off an email to easyJet, then found the button that lets you change flights and did that thing at the cost of 35 GBP.
It wasn’t quite as expensive as B.A. but still a fair bit more. I tried to be philosophical about it, but failed as usual. Would it be paranoid, I asked my Facebook friends, to wonder if easyJet set the thing to make that sort of mistake.
Yes, it would, said one of them. Don’t be daft, she didn’t say because she has heard of Tact.
And the next day, it turned out she was right.
This is the email I got from easyJet customer services.

Dear Patricia,
I can see you made a genuine mistake with your booking and made the changes yourself online then let us know shortly after making the booking.
As a goodwill gesture I’ve refunded the 35 GBP change fee… You’ll expect to receive this in the next 5-7 working days.
Thanks for choosing easyJet. I wish you a pleasant flight to London Gatwick on the 2nd February.
Kind regards,

Wow! To say I was gobsmacked doesn’t quite convey how smacked my gob was. A discount airline? Being nice?
Wow! RyanAir, eat your heart out.
So thank you very much, easyJet.

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