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Madam and the Gels

Ferried by my kind Beekeeping Mentor to the Tregothnan estate to see how the bees are doing: Madam is in her new house, quite perked up by last week\’s adventure, laying away and looking very elegant, while the gels have drawn comb on no fewer than six frames.
Meanwhile the bees in the parent hive have five queens waiting in their sealed queen cells, plus one larva still munching the royal jelly. Some beekeepers say you should destroy all but one of the queen cells, some say you should let cruel mother nature take her course – and any two beekeepers will normally have three to five opinions on the subject.
I tend to prefer laisser faire so we left them and hope the queens don\’t wipe each other out when they fight. Apparently, the worker bees sometimes hold the younger queens back in their cells until the first to hatch has got back safely from her mating flight and started to lay. That way they have a failsafe if a bird eats her – very clever.
All seemed well in the two little cities so we put the roofs back on and left.

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