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Information point

Yesterday I finished reading James Gleick\’s brilliant book \’The Information\’ – about something that\’s so central to everything we do now, it\’s hard to believe nobody had really thought about it until after the Second World War. Apart from Charles Babbage and Ada Lady Lovelace, that is.
You know all those bytes your computer can remember? A byte is eight bits and a bit is the information you get when you toss a coin – a binary yes/no decision. Everything computers do starts there.
I\’ve probably read that information twenty times in various different places – but Gleick\’s clarity and vigour got it into my head and stuck it there. He specialises in taking fiendishly complicated subjects – Chaos, Feynman and quantum physics – and making them seem easy to understand. He\’s done it again here. Anyone who\’s even vaguely interested in today\’s information flood and why it is that Google and Facebook rule the infosphere, has to read this book.
And by the way, it has an elegantly clever cover design.

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