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No, really. Read Michael Lewis\’s book \”Boomerang,\” I promise it will make you laugh. What it\’s describing is so heartbreakingly crazy, there\’s no other sane reaction.
Read about the dickheads (I use the term deliberately) in Iceland who bought up everything with money they\’d loaned themselves. Smack your gob in horror at the lunacy in Ireland as everybody borrowed to build hideous houses nobody would ever buy.
Shake your head at the intransigence of the Greeks. Shake it again at the sad story of the trusting German banks that were taken for a massive ride by the sharks of Wall Street.
It\’s a true freakshow, topped by an epically surreal encounter with ex-California governator Arnold Schwarzenegger and the criminally irresponsible small town politics of La-la land.
Ay. We\’re a\’ doomed.

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