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I can\’t keep up, I really can\’t. Every time I go near Waterstones, I come across more brilliant things to read.
My eyes look like boiled eggs in tomato sauce and I\’ve got a cracking headache because I spent the day reading \”The Social Animal\” by David Brooks – which deals with the astonishing powers of our unconscious mind and how best to make it work for us… Which sounds about as much fun as endoscopy, but is in fact quite unputdownable because he uses a lovely light witty touch in his writing and tells the story of two people while he\’s doing it.
Meanwhile what I ought to be doing is generating lists of people to send advance copies of my book. The Poetry Diet is about to be published by local micropublishers Thingley Press and as I\’m doing the marketing and publicity, I\’m having to do all the stuff that corporate publishers are supposed to do. Not that they really do it nowadays, unless you\’re their Book of the Month and they\’ve paid for a lot of prime spots in supermarkets.
So I\’ve got a lot to learn. Any suggestions?

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