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Hooray! Hooray! “An Air of Treason” by P F Chisholm is out now!

I could do sock-puppetting and tell you that P F Chisholm is a wonderful writer and you should all go and buy this book… If you’re American or want Kindle – buy it here. If you’re British, buy it here.


But I won’t.


I’ll just bashfully tell you about the sixth in my series of Elizabethan crime novels under the pen-name P F Chisholm. “An Air of Treason”, starring that dour Borderer, Sergeant Henry Dodd and the dashing courtier and man-of-action Sir Robert Carey. Published by Poisoned Pen Press, is OUT NOW in treebook and ebook.


What’s in it? Well, Dodd’s in big trouble on the way from London to Oxford and Carey’s tracked down the Queen at last – but she’s ordered him to investigate the most dangerous cold-case of the Elizabethan era. Meanwhile someone wants to poison him.


Once you’ve bought it and read it – please write a review on Amazon (especially if you liked it). And if you can get at least two of your friends to buy the book too, you’ll ultimately make me a very happy author.


And then you can read the five earlier books: “A Famine of Horses”, “A Season of Knives”, “A Surfeit of Guns”, “A Plague of Angels”, “A Murder of Crows.” – you can find them here.


And then you can read my Elizabethan noir ebook about the ambiguous lawyer James Enys in “Do We Not Bleed” – published on Kindle by Climbing Tree Books Ltd – plus a number of other books by me.


Including a contemporary love-story set in Cornwall in the 1990s which I’d forgotten about until the Publisher insisted on putting it out there. It’s called “Love without Shadows” – it’s not historical but try it anyway. You might like it!


There are five more historical novels in my backlist which Climbing Tree Books will be bringing out in ebook formats over the next year or so.


And then there are the very silly stories about Jack the Dog – “I, Jack” and “Jack and Rebel the Police Dog” – all written in Doglish. For those you’ll have to pester HarperCollins, but a new ebook in the series “Jack and the Ghosts” is also available from Climbing Tree Books.


And then you can find my Facebook Author Page and Patricia Finney’s Renaissance Facebook Group (someone will ask you about my books to stop spammers).


Once you’ve done all that, I might have finished the next Enys story – possibly even the next Carey. Climbing Tree Books might have even more weird and wonderful things to read by me and others.




  1. Marmo says:

    You forgot about a book. Only you.

    1. patricia says:

      I did? Which one? Thanks.

  2. Arnold Akien says:

    Hi Patrica,

    Hereafter a copy and paste of an e mail that I’ve just sent to Poisen Pen …

    ” I congradulate you on your good sense in publishing “…. F. Chisholm – An Air of Treason: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery ” the latest in a successfull series of historical detective/espionage stories byPatricia Finney ..but deplore the shambolic mess that the publishing process has turned a simplicity ..people want to buy the book and who log on to sellers of book only to discover that the book is available from obscure bookshoops in the US of A but not from the UK ..thus ..…/dp/B00I5XBBLG

    and also ..

    An Air of Treason: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery [Paperback]

    Currently unavailable.
    We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

    Amazon Price
    New from
    Used from
    Hardcover — £26.04 £26.04
    Paperback, Large Print £13.60 £9.06 £13.34

    — —

    Would you like to tell the readers who have been awaiting this book for years why you have made such a botch of it’s publication?

    1. patricia says:

      I think you may have convinced them – I think IPS is now the distributor for the Carey books in the UK.

  3. Michelle Rudd says:

    When will “An Air Of Treason” be available on Kindle format in the UK? Desperate to read it but I have to have an e copy. Neither your link above nor the US Amazon site will let the Kindle edition download to a Brit registered device.

  4. Chris Tolley says:

    Just finished an Air of Treason and gave it a 5 star review on Amazon. Sort of silly because I immediately buy whatever Elizabethan anything you write and I have bought and read anything Elizabethan of yours available here in the U.S. It was quite good, however.

  5. it does seem hard to buy the books [ no interest at all in kindle]
    for instance [ as I have only just read my first Finney] ,
    Do we not Bleed [ the first of a series ].
    A shame, as my appetite is , well, kindled..

    1. patricia says:

      There are moves afoot to republish all of my backlist in a uniform print edition but that’s going to take some time. If you haven’t read the Carey novels (published under my pen name PF Chisholm), there are eight of them published in tree-book form by Poisoned Pen Press in the USA and by Head of Zeus in the UK. I’m glad you liked Do We Not Bleed.

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