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"A Chisholm mystery is the next best thing to time travel... For those who find the journey more compelling than the final destination, a Chisholm novel will offer an unforgettable Elizabethan pilgrimage."

Sharon Kay Penman

Sir Robert Carey is in trouble. The Grahams are planning to kidnap Lady Elizabeth Widdrington, Carey’s true love and when Carey returns from foiling them, he finds himself and his servant Barnabus framed and likely to hang for the murder of the Armoury Clerk.

A Season of Knives Poisoned Pen Press Kobo

In 1592, Sir Robert Carey, a handsome courtier fleeing his creditors, his father’s wrath, and the close scrutiny of his Queen, came north to Carlisle to take up his new post as Deputy Warden of the West March. The presence of his true love, the married Elizabeth Widdrington, was no mere coincidence. Before long, Sir Robert was up to his ruff in horse rustling and treason (A Famine of Horses), but he sorted that out with dispatch.

Now he’s in trouble again. The rowdy Grahams plan to kidnap Elizabeth as she journeys home to her husband. While Sir Robert storms out to stop them, someone murders the man he has just sacked from his post of paymaster to the Carlisle garrison. When Sir Robert returns, he finds his servant Barnabus slung into the castle dungeon, accused of the crime, and his arch enemy Sir Richard Lowther scheming to have Carey arrested for masterminding the murder.

Even Sergeant Dodd is quite prepared to believe that he did it.

A Season of Knives Poisoned Pen Press Kobo