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Firedrake’s Eye

In the autumn of 1583, in the foetid alleyways of Whitefriars in London, a Jewish pursuivant is viciously beaten up. Is he the random prey of footpads or a victim of a subtly treasonous act?

A nonsense poem once written by the lunatic Tom O’Bedlam has become the favourite of London’s ballad sellers. Why?

Following a trail of murder, treason and terror, Ames and his dubious friend David Becket set out to uncover the truth. But as they dig into the human midden that is Elizabethan London, are they digging their own graves?

What is the secret at the heart of the pageantry to be paraded before the Queen at the Accession Day Tilts?

Who is Tom and what does his ballad mean?

Couched in innovative prose, Firedrake’s Eye is an unforgettable thriller that takes you deep into the dark streets and complex minds of the extraordinary Elizabethans.

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