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I had an extraordinary response to my \”Christmas Bloody Christmas\” post from my local network – Network Cornwall – with most people agreeing that the problem with Christmas isn\’t Christmas. 
The problem with Christmas is starting it in August so there\’s a four month build up. No festival could possibly stand so much hype. Spending a third of the year on it is not only crazy, it makes the whole thing a boring nag.
I totally understand that businesses need to start thinking and planning for it well in advance as so much of their profit rides on a good Christmas. That\’s fine. What I don\’t want to do is any of MY organising that far in advance. And I won\’t be nagged.
My only Christmas planning is simple: I set up a Christmas savings account every January and put money in by banker\’s order every month so I don\’t have to pay through the nose to finance it on credit cards. I can\’t tell you how much easier that makes the whole thing. But that\’s it. I will not buy presents or cards or food until the end of November.
Nor do I want to see or hear any of the following until the 1st December:
• Tinsel or Christmas decorations in shops
• Christmas trees anywhere, decorated or not
• Christmas menus anywhere
• Adverts for Christmas presents
• Father Christmas/Santa Claus in any form
• The Snowman theme tune
• Christmas lights in towns or gardens
• Countdowns in shopping days that are higher than 25
• Christmas carols
This is the Christmas Revolution: simply ignore anywhere that does premature festivity: don\’t buy their stuff and don\’t use them. Refuse to be bullied into jollity before December and tell them why.
We don\’t have to take this nonsense. Together we can put Christmas back where it belongs – in December.

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