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Archie Brown\’s again

I\’ve got to praise these guys again, despite the risk that they might get packed out with customers so I won\’t be able to get a seat.
Yesterday I took myself there again after another x-ray. I needed to recover from the idea of having an operation to screw a plate onto my broken ulna to make sure it heals properly.
So I treated myself to a mushroom, leek and mizuna frittata which is like a Spanish omelette but made with chickpea flour, a large fresh salad and a pud of such gob-smacking wonderfulness that it qualified for the top foody adjective in my vocabulary.
It was a crisp and squidgy meringue, sprinkled with hibiscus, covered with lemon curd, strawberies and double cream.
The bill? Under a tenner. The word? Orgasmatronic


  1. William says:

    Come on – contact details. Do they have a website?

    1. Patricia says:

      Yes, they do but only for Penzance cafe. Facebook page is

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