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Please be my patron?

After a lot of thinking and worrying about it and procrastinating, I\’m installing a Donate button.

If you like my blog and my books, then you can donate via Paypal. If enough of you donate, I won\’t have to keep getting oddjobs and will have more time to write all the books that are filling up my head. They\’re queuing about ten deep at the moment so I\’d really appreciate it!

I\’ll also be able to get my backlist published as ebooks as well as some of the unpublished books cluttering up my hard drive – like \”Writeritis\”, possibly the only honest book about writing books, ever.

I can mention your name in a List of Honoured Patrons at the start of anything I publish in future as a thank you – let me know if you\’d like me to do this.

Many thanks in advance. It\’s funny really, because this is how writers kept themselves going back in the sixteenth century. I\’ll never forget the day I opened one of twelve volumes of Robert Greene\’s works and found that Sir Robert Carey was being elaborately thanked for his gift of £5!

So here\’s the link to the Be My Patron page.

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