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Hooray for Climbing Tree Books

Sometimes you have to join the party. Ebooks sales are surging – so I\’m turning up with a large bottle of wine and my best party frock. Climbing Tree Books is the new publishing company I\’ve started with a friend called William Essex, specialising in quirky ebooks and occasional beautifully produced collectible treebooks.

There is a new website for Climbing Tree Books and I\’ve just posted something on it. We\’re calling it a soft launch until we get the hang of this publishing lark.

Go on. Take a peek!



  1. Arnold says:

    ” Go on. Take a peek!” I have … what took you so long!?

    I’ve been awaiting the third installment of Jacks Story for ages now!The first two were great fun. And do you care? No you do NOT! For you have been writting books on Cake and Diets and so forth…” so I’m turning up with a large bottle of wine and my best party frock.” And your corset? ..Victorian Ladies with Cake for the use of, I suppose? All very retro and faintly fantasy Victorian Steam Punk ..BUT …

    I dont care about cake!I dont have a Sweet Tooth. Where is the Latest by Jack? Where is the latest in the ” Sir Robert Carey Series (writing as P F Chisholm). ” EH? Don’t you feel Guilty ..and if not Why Not? Where is the Latest in the Elizabethan era Espionage sequence? ..

    ” David Becket and Simon Ames Series

    1. Firedrake’s Eye (1992)
    2. Unicorn’s Blood (1998)
    3. Gloriana’s Torch (2003) ”

    Well?!! Where are they, EH?

    Why are WE waiting?

    1. patricia says:

      It’s lovely to hear from you Arnold! – I appreciate people with excellent literary taste.
      To answer your questions: you can blame HarperCollins for the delay over “Jack and the Ghosts” – they commissioned it, I wrote it, they said they loved it, they paid for it and then… They cancelled it. It was 2008 and I think they were frightened. It’s taken me this long to get it together to set up a publishing company to bring it out as an ebook. Write to HarperCollins and tell them what idiots they are.
      “The Poetry Diet” happened because of a lot of other stuff that was going on in my life – unfortunately writers also have to eat (yes, I know, but there are also recipes for chocolate truffles?) and pay bills and generally life gets in the way of writing. That’s another small press publication, which will also be published by Climbing Tree Books. I love wearing Victorian corsets because otherwise I have no waist (see above, re cake).
      The David Becket and Simon Ames series ended with Gloriana’s Torch but my sequence of historical crime novels centred on Sir Robert Carey are all published by Poisoned Pen Press in the USA. They are under the name of P F Chisholm and there are currently five of them, soon to be a sixth. I have reason to suspect that Simon Ames will turn up in one of the next books I’m planning.
      Many thanks for your immensely cheering comment!

    2. patricia says:

      Hi – I’m not sure if I’ve succeeded in replying to this yet, but just in case the Great Internet Monster ate up any previous replies, here goes. Thank you for your enthusiasm – I’m afraid that life and the need to earn money to live on keeps getting in the way of writing. And now maintaining a blog and doing social media also interfere with writing. All I need is one massive bestseller and the flow of books will be uninterrupted. To answer your questions: there won’t be any more in the David Becket and Simon Ames series, but Simon Ames is due to turn up in a future Carey novel. There’s a new Carey novel called “A Murder of Crows” available from Poisoned Pen Press in the States (also as ebook) and another one in the works, due out early next year called “An Air of Treason.” As for Jack – I’m very happy to say that the third in the Jack series “Jack and the Ghosts” will be published as an ebook by my very own publishing company Climbing Tree Books… er… as soon as we have a marketing plan!

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