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#Fal River Festival Poetry Day Workshops at #Truro Community Library

I can\’t believe it\’s been six days since I ran the Poetry Day Workshops!
We did the children\’s \”Down with Mushy Poems!\” workshop downstairs in the children\’s section of Truro Community Library – which caused a bit of surprise when people came wandering in hoping to read something to their kids. Well, we were drumming and shouting and putting together this Angry Poem.

Angry Poem
I\’m stamping up the stairs!
I\’m very very cross!
My mum says \”Go to bed!\”
And I won\’t!

I\’m breaking lots of pens,
I\’m very very mad!
My mum says \”Tidy up!\”
And I won\’t!

I\’m slamming all the doors,
I\’m very very rude!
My mum says \”Calm down, love.\”
So I will.

Afterwards, Polly and I worked on a poem together about a graveyard and Lowenna worked with Dawn (who was helping me) on a poem about Black Hearted Lilly the Pirate.

The afternoon performance workshop got noisier and noisier and quite a few people stayed to help read \”The Jabberwocky\” by Lewis Caroll to begin the Poetry Slam.
Jason Dawes, Aaron Kent and Carol Stephens (who wasn\’t even going to enter) were the winners.

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