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Wadebridge Bookshop and Thingley Press

Only just got round to visiting Wadebridge, despite it being home to the wonderful Wadebridge Bookshop, despite living in Cornwall for 18 years so far… How did I manage to end up tootling round St Columb swearing at the place for having no signposts – until I found one? Not at all sure, might be something to do with customary Cornish abstemiousness over signs on crucial roundabouts? Road rage? Moi? No, I suffer from absent-signpost rage.
The aim was to support Thingley Press\’s launch of the ABC Animals books, wittily illustrated (by Hermione Skrine) stories for kids about Alana the Angy Alligator, Bertie Bullfrog and the Bullies, Charlie the Cheating Cheetah – all by Emma Tofi. I bought all three for my nephew in New York and clogged up the till chatting to the owner about Independent Bookshop Week, starting 18th June.
This massive change to the blog is due to my friend the Financial Hack being brave enough to tell me some home truths about how my blog wasn\’t working for me. So it\’s all his fault.
No. I\’m not sulking. Not at all. Well yes.

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  1. Emma Tofi says:

    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for coming yesterday and thanks for mentioning the books in your blog. I very much hope that your nephew enjoys them! Emma

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