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Thor stars

Number 1 son is a big movie buff, probably knows more about Pixar and Disney animation than anyone barring that genius John Lassiter, and insists that we go to see a movie every month. He picks what we see – top animation, Oscar hopefuls, good British movies – and it\’s become our family movie club. Then he puts a review on Facebook.
So Sunday\’s pick was \’Thor\’ – another from the splendidly clever and complex Marvel universe – directed by Kenneth Branagh in 3D. And yes, there were Shakespearean and Classical themes but also some nice sly humour. No 1 son liked the Asgard scenes best, no 2 son liked the way Chris Hemsworth played Thor with real charm as well as muscle and thought Idris Elba as Heimdall the keeper of Bifrost the rainbow bridge, pretty much stole the movie. Personally I quite fancied Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston.
Sir Anthony Hopkins did grave and reverent Odin with no visible effort and the CGI effects were splendid – though alas, they chickened out of Odin\’s messenger ravens.
All in all, Thor stars.

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