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The Writer\’s Manifesto

Everybody wants to be J K Rowling, and so do I, obviously, because her books are brilliant. It chokes me to admit this, but she truly deserves her millions.
Everybody is shocked when they find I\’m a writer – though not because I\’m an unlikely person to be a writer. Actually, they usually look quite relieved, as if they finally made sense of this mad noisy person.
No, what shocks them is the fact that I\’m not rolling in money. I have to explain that most writers, like most actors, aren\’t paid vast fees for their work. Most actors aren\’t in the Tom Cruise bracket and most writers aren\’t J K Rowling. Writers write because otherwise they would crack up: sometimes I feel that my head is actually going to explode with all the ideas clamouring for me to write them.
Actually managing to get published is usually a bonus – something that publishers know very well and have been ruthlessly exploiting for years. Which is fair enough – after all they\’re businessmen and in the business to make money. I was lucky enough to get started before all hell broke loose with the internet and eBooks and so on.
Unfortunately, at the moment the big corporate publishers have pretty much lost their nerve. There are brand new ways for writers to find their audience and more coming every month. Publishers are looking at their normal business plan and finding it\’s broken and they don\’t know what to replace it with.
It doesn\’t matter. Writers like me will just carry on writing. We may have to get dayjobs so we can eat (even writers eat, especially me). In fact, I\’m a big believer in dayjobs – they keep us from disappearing into our own heads.
We may have to get together with enterprising friends and find new ways of sneaking past the self-appointed corporate gatekeepers – so that\’s what we\’ll do.
Watch this space. The Financial Hack and I are plotting. Corporates, you have been warned.

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  1. William says:

    Yes! Good start.

    1. Patricia says:

      Ha [evil laff]. I’ll tell you soon. I’m just going to torture you for a bit…

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