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The Magyar Diet part 3

Another thing that was interesting about Budapest was the fast-food restaurants. There weren\’t a lot of them and the ones I saw tended to be in tourist areas or railway stations, but there was one thing that was odd about all of them.
They had lots of little tables outside them. Lots and lots. Hungarians do café society extremely well so there are tables on the pavements outside all the cafes as well, but I\’d never seen places selling junkfood with so many.
The reason was obvious. Hungarians went in, bought their chicken dippers or burgers, came out with their cartons, sat down at the tables and ate their meals together. And they did this only at mealtimes. The little tables that were crowded with people from 12 to 2.30 were empty again at 2.35.
Now this could have been because the Magyars hadn\’t got the hang of junk food yet, rather than that they were subverting the whole Macdonalds ethos, but I hope not.
And so…

Rule no 2. Eat meals at mealtimes.
Rule no 3. Eat meals at table along with other people.

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