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The Little Bastards are Back!

The publisher of my new book \”The Poetry Diet or Why Don\’t We All Just Wear Corsets?\” wasn\’t too happy about my posts on the subject of the War against Fleas. Tough.
I have to vent again. Because, despite paying a large sum of money to the vet for a guaranteed will-kill-em-all chemical treatment, the bastards are back. They are pinging around my bedroom and the cat is waking me at five in the morning so I can flea comb her immediately. She refuses to set paw on the carpet (which is clean, honest!) and so leaps from my piano stool to the windowsill using me as a convenient springboard.
But wait! Apparently there\’s an even more guaranteed (and expensive) other chemical out there called Advocate – which is sort of funny of you come from a legal background.
Leddiesengennelmen, we have been here before. With antibiotics, with louse-treatments, with pesticides. It is Darwin personified. If you wipe out 95% of a population with a poison or a disease, if it\’s a fast-breeding, short-generation insect, within about two years it will be happily munching the stuff down for breakfast.
Isn\’t there anybody out there finding out what eats fleas so we can introduce it into our houses? Surely something eats the larvae?
Or perhaps someone could go on Dragon\’s Den with my brilliant idea of a glue-covered flea-luring robocat?
Come on. Get inventing. We should know by now that you can\’t buck DNA.


  1. William says:

    Can’t wait to come round to your house and sample some recipes.

    1. Patricia says:

      Ooh, sarky. The recipes in The Poetry Diet are there so YOU can make the things and I can come round to your flea-free palace and sample them.

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