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Tally ho!

Helped at Penryn Friday Market yesterday, all day – I buy bread wholesale from the wonderful artisan bakers in Falmouth, Stone\’s Bakery, and bring it up to the Temperance Hall in Penryn so people can get decent bread there. I don\’t actually make anything on the deal, but it\’s fun to do – apart from anything else, you hook into some splendid gossip. I found out that the Ultimate Local Luvvy, a guy about my age who is very definitely An Actor, has been a tiny bit economical with the truth. The impression he had given everyone was that he was heading off to the West Indies in his boat. Turns out that the Ultimate Local Luvvy is crewing on someone else\’s boat – and I wish I had a secret webcam on it, because it could get quite intense.
No, I haven\’t left for Derby yet. I have to iron my kit, pack the car with an extraordinary amount of essential stuff and buy my own bodyweight in licorice allsorts to munch on the way. I\’m also packing those single cup coffee filters because I can\’t function without caffeine and don\’t drink Brown Drink, the disgusting powdered stuff that is fraudulently labelled coffee on the outside.
Tally ho! (as I once wrote in a Maths exam)

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