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Sorry, South Cornwall doesn’t exist.

You know there isn’t actually a place called South Cornwall, don’t you?

I made it up so I wouldn’t get chased down the street by any Cornish lynch mobs – and also so I could make stuff up whenever I wanted to. That’s what I do. I’m hoping it’s going to grow and acquire its own geography and become so famous they’ll rename Falmouth after Lyonesse – though of course Lyonesse is a mixture of Falmouth, Penzance, Fowey and St Ives. The countryside is beautiful, there are lovely little coves with exciting smuggling history, and even old RAF bases and prehistoric remains. I think it would be great if we could make South Cornwall a famous literary tourist place like Thomas Hardy’s Wessex, and do something for the Cornish tourist industry.

Here’s a short video about it in relation to my book LUCKY WOMAN and also I, JACK because that’s also set in South Cornwall.

Lucky Woman and South Cornwall

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