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Round 2, seconds away..!

I know I shouldn\’t have laughed, really I do. When you look at the background it\’s a sad story about a guy who had a chance to make a difference and messed it up… The star of the story, disgraced Labour MP for Falkirk, Eric Joyce probably doesn\’t think it\’s very funny at all.
Pretty good though. I mean, one in a ruck against four guys, three of them Tories. Not bad. One headbutt, three punches and one of them was a Labour whip as well. He was obviously pretty fired up (as in blotto).
Mind you, the Tories are clearly slipping. They\’d have been all in, fists flying when I were a lass. They\’ve obviously lost form since then, or possibly they\’re drinking less.
Come on, chaps, three of you came off worst against one Labourite? Tut tut.

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