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Relaunch and excuses


OK. I\’m sorry, ok. I haven\’t touched it for two months.

I\’ve been feeling guilty about it though. I\’ve been thinking: wow, I should write that for my blog. I should definitely write that and post it and…

I should do that link thing. Definitely. I\’ll get right on it.

I should tweet more. I should tweet that I\’m sitting in Costa\’s in Waterstones reading (again). I should…

Maybe tomorrow. Definitely.

The weird thing is that I normally write all the time. I\’m constantly scribbling guff in my diary and notebooks. I rant, I make rude jokes, I sound off. And it\’s not as if I lack the ego for blogging… It\’s just…

It\’s the technology. It\’s the computer thingy watsit. It might go
Computer: blart. Ptui. Error.

I\’ll do better from now on. Promise. I\’ll also try and reply to some of the great comments I\’ve been getting.

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