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Phone hell

Is there anyone out there who actually likes hanging on the telephone (apart from you, Blondie)? Seriously?
I wasted ten minutes of my life trying to find the answer to a simple question from the DVLA. Nada. No chance. The verbal maze turned itself into a loop. I always hope that the penny-pinching bastards who install the infernal computer-trees actually do tape my call for staff training purposes so they can hear me telling them why I hate them and hope they get a bad case of piles. They save money by sacking staff who answer the phone so that then I fail to get the answer that a human being could have given me in two minutes, while wasting time hanging on that will never return. They have successfully transferred their costs to me. Great result for them, not for me.
I also rang a company that makes special waterproof coverings so you can have a shower without risking getting your cast wet. This is frankly pretty urgent for me. They were busy so I had to hang on.
And then they ran adverts along with the tinny Peruvian music and the gloomy woman with adenoids who tells you that you will be answered shortly. What management nitwit put that through? Think, sonny. I hate hanging on the telephone. Does that make me likely to spend more if you run recordings about your new products? Nope. Does anyone enjoy waiting around? Do you?
The company\’s name? LimbO.

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