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One Hundred Possessions project – Sorry I haven\’t posted recently.

I\’ve been unpacking my books. Boxes and boxes of books. I haven\’t counted them yet, I haven\’t dared. I just know there must be more than… er… one hundred of them.


These are the survivors of a ruthless cull that got rid of hundreds of books in various different ways. I really want to keep each one, but where will I put them?


I\’m also finding that I haven\’t actually read one in five of them so at least I\’m going to do that. Maybe it\’s just as well that I can\’t get to my favourite Waterstones in Truro, my home from home for so many years. There\’s a Waterstones in Hampstead too but I try not to go in because I just CAN\’T BUY MORE BOOKS!

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