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Hooray for the 21st century

At last. I have ordered groceries online from Tesco, they arrived yesterday and they were the right ones. Hooray. Yippee!
A slight hitch with the peas – I thought I\’d ordered frozen peas, but I got tinned peas – never mind. I\’m staggered it all worked so well. I didn\’t even have to stay in all day.
I got put off buying books from Amazon because the package would invariably arrive when I wasn\’t in and I\’d have to traipse off to the local sorting office to pick it up – so much simpler to order from Waterstones, get it quicker and not even pay postage.
So just like my grandmother, I no longer have to go grocery shopping which is wonderful because I hate shopping. The only downside with Internet grocery shopping was not being able to decide what to have for dinner by looking on the cut-price section.

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