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Help! Tell me what to write next!

Financial fables are having a rest since I started thinking of one about some Very Silly Woodworm on a Big Ship in the Big Ocean, who keep eating up the ship and telling each other how very successful and wealthy they are. But I got too depressed.

Finished one book, somewhat stuck on the screenplay that\’s been bugging me recently… I\’m wading through some very dull research for my next Elizabethan crime novel but it\’s not ready to roll yet. As usual, my brain is buzzing with ideas but which one should I choose?

Any ideas? Maybe I should write…

A contemporary thriller.
A contemporary crime novel.
My non-fiction book about money, finance, economics and why economists are idiots.
A children\’s fantasy/sci fi series set in darkest Cornwall but not featuring smugglers.
A children\’s book in Doglish.
A grown ups book in Doglish.
An epic fantasy sci-fi series spanning centuries called Diaspora.

I simply can\’t write all of them!


  1. Nick Gevers says:

    Write Diaspora. But have the characters speak Elizabethan English.

    1. Patricia says:

      Great idea – but would anyone buy the books? I’ve just had another two books pop into my head. This is getting silly.

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