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Gaia: Affirming the Lady Earth

If you do affirmations, add these to your usual menu

Every morning I walk dogs – at the moment I’m walking my ancient black Labrador Holly, grey of muzzle, wonky of back legs, often now incontinent of poop. While I’m walking her, I say my affirmations out loud.

“I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m healthy, fit and slim!” I say and go on in a similar vein. As it happens I am pretty healthy and fit, but slim… Nope. Why do I keep doing it? Do I actually believe in the Law of Attraction? Saying something over and over makes it so?

Much like my relationship with Our Lady Earth, I do and I don’t. My unconscious story-generating part is perfectly happy with the idea and points out that in a universe founded on the quantum, in which our brains filter out 95% of what’s happening, nobody knows anything anyway, so why shouldn’t saying that I’m slim with confidence and optimism make me slimmer?

My conscious brain points witheringly at my spare tyre and double chin and taps her foot.

My unconscious laughs at me and says it’s all an illusion anyway, so why am I worried?

Conscious brain says nastily, “Oh, so Lady Earth is an illusion, what a relief.”

Unconscious says (non-verbally) your investment odds are stupendous here: saying some optimistic stuff while you’re walking around the block and Holly is stealthily eating cat poop is such a tiny investment of energy that even of none of it comes true, you’ve lost nothing. Plus it makes you feel much happier than you would otherwise feel in the morning, which is already a plus.

“I suppose it might help you focus a bit,” admits conscious brain which is a big concession for her.

Exactly, trills my unconscious, and you never know, you could hit some threshold where it all starts manifesting at once!

“Huh,” says conscious brain.

Part of my little menu of affirmations is about “we humans” and about the planet generally. I know it’s woo-woo, but how much trouble is it to say some sentences out loud with confidence and happiness and imagine them coming true? Not very much.

So I’ve been prodded by my unconscious to share my affirmations with you in the hope that if you do affirmations, you’ll add them – or something like them – to your menu. If even one of you starts doing it, that could double the likely effect. If ten of you do, that’s ten times. And so on. If you’re already doing planetary affirmations, that’s great!

Here goes. Oh yes, you always put your affirmations in the present continuous or a recent-past tense, as if they’re happening right now. You say you’re happy and grateful now as happily and gratefully as you can because it will make it more likely and will also cheer you up.

Thank the lord, there’s generally nobody around when I walk the dog and anyway it’s considered totally normal to talk to your dog in England.

  1. I am so happy and grateful now that I’m doing something material and substantial to help the Lady Earth in whatever way she wants me to help her.
  2. I am so happy and grateful now that we humans have stopped global warming in its tracks and stabilised the atmosphere at 300 ppm of carbon dioxide.
  3. I am so happy and grateful now that we humans have cleaned up the planet of all pollution and plastic and all the ecologies are recovering. The oceans are healing and are abundant with plankton, krill, coral reefs, fish and cetaceans. The land is healing and is abundant with jungles, forests, savannah, wood-pasture and marshes. The soil is healing and is abundant with life. The sky is healing and is abundant with birds, bats and insects.
  4. I am so happy and grateful now that we humans have made the leap into space and we’re living sustainably in our millions on the Moon, on Mars, on Venus, on the L5 positions and all over the solar system which we’re having a wonderful time exploring.
  5. I am so happy and grateful now that we humans have cracked gravity so we can have it wherever we need it and that this has given us a beautiful new physics which gives us the stars and that I will live to see the first manned interstellar ship return successfully from a nearby star.
  6. I am so happy and grateful now that all these things or even better things now manifest themselves for us, for the highest benefit of the Lady Earth and all humans, all life on earth and anybody else concerned, and so it is!

I say “so it is!” with particular relish and emphasis and just for a second feel like it might come true. I’m currently working on moving to two seconds.

That’s it. I’ve been doing it for about five years now and I have to admit, things are improving a bit. I’ve even lost some weight.

Go on. Give it a try, I dare you.

The dog won’t mind.

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