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Come on, New Scientist!

It\’s my comic. I\’ve been subscribing to it since I was doing A level Biology and Mrs Cruikshank insisted I had to read it and also read Dawkins\’ \”The Selfish Gene\” (bless you, Mrs Cruikshank, and I\’m sorry my course-work was so awful.)
For a long while they would run a feature pretty much every month, the title of which could boil down to \”Spotty nerds discover answer to Life, Universe and everything and it isn\’t 42 but they\’re definitely right this time.\” This was always good for a laugh because it flatly contradicted the previous and following months\’ feature about identical spotty (or beardy) nerds who were equally sure of themselves.
Every so often NS still runs wonderful exciting features and think pieces but recently it\’s got itself embroiled in the Atheists vs. Religion nonsense and to be honest, it\’s gone off the boil. Feedback and the Last Word have also gone dull and quite repetitive.
I know it\’s difficult to explain the dizzying heights of physics or molecular biology to amateur nerds like me, but that\’s why it\’s worth doing. Maybe the Higgs boson is behaving like a boojum and softly and silently vanishing away, but that\’s no reason to sulk. Buck up, chaps.

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