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Big Blue

To Treliske by bus to get a big blue over-the-elbow cast. It\’s lighter because it\’s made of resin. Even more inconvenient. Lots of people there, trainee orthopaedic medic telling me this happy news.
I asked her the bra question. \”Oh,\” she said chirpily, \”I just do it up first and then pull it over my head like a t-shirt.\” Since she probably weighs about 100 lbs dripping wet, she probably can – and although she\’s certainly wearing the wrong size bra, it hardly matters. Matters to me, you flat-chested girlie, I managed NOT to say.
My friend the Research Doctor is working there at the Knowledge Spa designing an amazing research project using Wii Fit to help people who\’ve had a stroke. After I\’d been plastered, she took me to lunch in the canteen (very nice salad and baked spud) and then I went back on the bus and swore at the photocopier in the library.
Grumpy? Moi?

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