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Bee careful

Now I\’m worrying about my bees because the weather keeps being warm and sunny and then pouring with freezing rain and then back to warm and sunny inside fifteen minutes. My bees are yellow-stripy Italians not black British bees, so they no wanna fly when itsa wet. British bees (naturally) fly through the rain, cos they\’re tough, mean, hard bees but they\’re quite rare now because they were badly hit by varroa (the sneaky UnBritish parasites!).
I can\’t go check them and feed them syrup because I\’m still not allowed to drive. I\’ll be watching them beeing inspected on Saturday and I\’m really hoping that the hive we took the swarm from will have a mated laying Queen. They seemed all right and not too unhappy when we looked at them last Friday, but I still worry.
Oy. Those bees.

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