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Annoyed with Self

I basically faffed around today. I meant to work on my non-fiction book (don\’t ask – well, OK, do ask but I might not answer) and spent the whole morning reading something that was nothing to do with it. Then I went to Truro library and found they wanted back two of the books they\’d found for my research on account of the University of Lancaster insisting the books must return. And I\’m only about a quarter of the way through the first one, despite having had it for six weeks. The fact that it\’s entirely my fault I haven\’t done the research I meant to do when I should have done it, DOES NOT MAKE ANYTHING BETTER.
The afternoon was then devoted to doing an IT course – essentially filling in the large gaps in my knowledge of how to make computers do what I want them to do, not what they want. Naturally I plan to write a book called \”What to do when Computer Says No\”, ideally collaborating with my fantastically brilliant cousin Simon Key who is a professional cartoonist.
And then Ben Salfield who is the only organised musician – guitarist and lutenist – I have ever met, called me and told me to do linky things with the Tolmen Centre\’s website because I am going to be performing at the guitar festival there on the 14th October. I will be launching \”THE POETRY DIET or Why Don\’t We All Just Wear Corsets?\” Quite possibly while wearing a corset.


  1. Mr Salfield says:

    Oh REALLY??? Can’t wait… x

    1. Patricia says:

      Yes, indeedy. I own the relevant corset but I have this little difficulty (I believe you’re supposed to call them issues nowadays). The thing does up the back. Tut. La. How shall I manage?

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