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Chaucer had a patron. Shakespeare had one. Even Dr Johnson did.

Who am I to argue with the big guys?

Please help me write more books by donating to my Paypal account. Otherwise I\’m going to have to get another job which will seriously slow me down. If you would like to help me just sit in coffee shops and write, click on the Donate button below. I will use the extra cash to publish e-books with Climbing Tree Books as well.

Many thanks.


6 thoughts on “Be my patron

  1. Been buying all your books since you published Firedrake’s Eye. My son, a historian manque, loves them as well.
    Happy to be a small patron. Can’t do a lot but will do it again when I can. Just finished the first James Enys book. Great fun. About to start An Air of Treason.
    Good luck. Why Hungary?

  2. Small – I don’t call that small! Many many thanks. Sorry to take so long to reply – will probably not be able to resist hitting Amazon as well.

  3. I’d be happy to but you a coffee or five, but demand ebooks in return. If you smart this up more like kickstarter, you send filthy lucre, I send advance copies as they come into galleys, (or whatever ebooks have like galleys) nobody suffers.

    I adored love without shadows. Pure wish fulfillment all around. Specially liked the wankernel writer spouse. No holds barred. There. Anyway, how much coffee will buy beta reader status?

  4. Thank you so much for your comment – I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. If you go to my Patricia Finney’s Renaissance Group on Facebook (they’ll ask you a question to make sure you’re not an algorithm) essentially everybody on there is a potential beta reader. You’re right, I need to tidy this webpage up – my excuse is I’m writing two books at once at the moment and I won’t be properly sane until I finish. I’m glad you like Love Without Shadows – it’s my orphan book at the moment but one day it will be a massive bestseller. Can you think of a better title?

  5. I love your books. Sir Robert Carey, Henry Dodd , Lady Widdringotn and Simon Anriques . Carey related to James VI and Elizabeth deals decently with all- except his creditors.
    I have, what is probably a stupid question..
    Is Bessie male or female?

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