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  1. dear ms Finney,
    around a year ago you saw an episode of ‘dirty desmonds’ c5 the hotel inspectors; featuring yours truly.you reviewed it/me with great perception,sympathy,clarity and kindness..thankyou. we had a fan of you’rs stay as a result of your blog so i owe you commission! you said somthing about me being an english eccentric – takes one to know one..i am praising you on facebook and will buy one of your books-from local bookshop not bloody amazone. if you would care to stay here some time i will swap b/b for books (signed naturally) and will share a bottle of english(not)champagne with you..very best ,duncan

  2. Wow! I remember that episode. God, isn’t she ghastly – Mama owns the Hotel Tresanton, so she’s come up the hard way, you know…
    Many thanks for your comment – I may take you up on your offer!

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