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Right. Updating this is a little more complicated than I fancy doing at this time of night, so this is just a rough list.

The second James Enys book will soon be out in Kindle – PRICED ABOVE RUBIES.

The eighth Sir Robert Carey novel is coming out in the USA in April – with the lovely Poisoned Pen Press. Its title: A CLASH OF SPHERES

Very excitingly, it will also be coming out in the UK in April with the equally lovely Head of Zeus and the same title.

In July Head of Zeus will be publishing the first three Carey books (A FAMINE OF HORSES, A SEASON OF KNIVES and A SURFEIT OF GUNS) in a physical omnibus edition with the title GUNS IN THE NORTH.

And at the moment I’m in the middle of writing another Jack book – JACK AND THE PUPPIES.


Read them, enjoy – and please post your review on Amazon if you like or even persuade two of your friends to buy them as well!

Elizabethan crime series written as P F Chisholm






















Starring the dashing Sir Robert Carey and dour Sergeant Henry Dodd with cameos by scum like William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe.

Available online from Amazon and direct from Poisoned Pen Press.


Lady Grace series





















Tales of a girl-detective who\’s a maid of honour to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I, commissioned by Random House (age group 8yrs +)

Available online from Amazon.

Jack books








The puppydog\’s tale, told in Doglish by Jack the Labrador (or the Big Yellow Stupid as the Cats call him). Published by HarperCollins and Transworld. Available online from Amazon and direct from Random House.

Elizabethan spy thrillers















Starring ex-soldier David Beckett and quiet Jewish codebreaker Simon Ames.

Firedrake\’s Eye – a plot to kill the Queen at her Accession Day tournament

Unicorn\’s Blood – a hunt for a mysterious book that could destroy the Queen\’s reputation

Gloriana\’s Torch – battling the Spanish Armada and treason at the Queen\’s court.

Available online from Amazon and direct from Macmillan.

Early books
















About Lugh the Harper in 2nd Century Ireland. Out of print, but occasionally available from Amazon.

The Crow Goddess is now newly available in French translation.



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32 thoughts on “Books

  1. How come The crow goddess & Shadow of gulls can’t be reprinted? Or e-booked?
    I did read them a (very) long time ago and remember they made an impact on me. As do the Robert Carey ones now, copies of which are raising their eyebrows at me from their spot on my shelf….

  2. No publisher has asked to reprint them – I am planning to ebook them but it involves about three weeks of work scanning them in and editing the resulting word file before going through all the stuff you need to do for an ebook. I can’t afford to pay anyone to do it at the moment and I don’t have time myself. It’s very frustrating. If you know any publishers who might be interested – send them to me!

  3. I’m truly astonished that this is what’s stopping me re-reading A shadow of Gulls. I have to admit I keep a look out in book shops, but I’m also tempted to skip re-reading it. I loved it so much it fell apart. If I read it now might I find it less enthralling? The Wasp Factory and The Crow Road were both a great read in my 20s, but re-reading even in my 30’s I became aware that they were just a little..callow (can a book be callow?) Yet Banks’ sci-fi never strikes me thus. At least a third of the books I read now are intended for a younger audience.. certainly the first 4 or so Lady Grace have been read twice or thrice. I hope my daughters let me share them when they are old enough. Ellie won’t discuss fiction at the moment (other than Daddy – need more!) Alex still shares Splat & Little Stinker.

    So back to A Shadow of Gulls – would I still love it or find it was more suited to my teenage self? If it were available on the blessed kindle I’d find out, but damn it all, it’s not. Oh heck… Abebooks here I come. If I enjoy it enough I’ll scan & edit it it for 10% of the e-Book revenue, or maybe a pint, whichever is the greater.

    Nice work Ms Finney. Oh – I reckon your stuff for youngsters beats the crap out of Potter, though yes, I loved Potter too. Hmm – no desire to re-read JKs stuff though… too daunting.

  4. Not sure I’m happy about that – but I’ll try and find the link. I don’t recall giving my permission for that and I own the copyright.

  5. Read and reread your Sir Robert Carey series. I thoroughly enjoyed these books. The people are so believable and delightful. Wish I could write a review that would do your books justice. I just finished your James Enys book. Please hurry up and write more. I’m ready to read more!

  6. Thank you – there’s a new one coming out with Poisoned Pen Press in February 2014 called “An Air of Treason.” I now have a Facebook group called “Patricia Finney’s Renaissance” and I also have an author page – and maybe that’s why I haven’t written a new Carey book this year (very sorry about that). If you could persuade two of your friends to buy my books (and each person who buys a book did the same) then they’d all be bestsellers and I’d have much more time to write!

  7. Any idea of a publication date for An Air Of Treason? I keep looking but nothing yet……

  8. It’s out now! Look on whichever Amazon is relevant – Kindle is available now and treebooks should be available via bookshops as well as Amazon if you live in the US, or only from if you live in the UK.

  9. Was introduced to your books by The Books and Writers Community on CompuServe. I have finished all 6 of the Sir Robert Carey series and am hoping for more. Will Dodd (who I really liked that you gave a bigger part in An Air of Treason), and his wife Janet finally have a baby? How will his now being a land owner change him as well as his court experiences? Will Hughie continue his mission and what becomes of Kat? So, will you answer these question in the next book? I am waiting with baited breath that you will give us another Sir Robert Carey book. Thank you

  10. I just read (aka devoured) all of the Robert Carey books in about a month (okay I don’t have much of a life & I’m the perfect Kindle customer). I can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud reading any book, let alone a historical fiction/mystery series. If I was a producer, I’d gobble these up for a cable or PBS series immediately!

  11. Thank you for that – I’ll be answering some of your questions in A CHORUS OF INNOCENTS – though not all, which would spoil the suspense! You can catch a glimpse of Carey as a younger man in my two Elizabethan thrillers, UNICORN’S BLOOD and GLORIANA’S TORCH and there’s more about James Enys in a book called DO WE NOT BLEED?

  12. I recently stumbled upon your Lady Grace Mystery books here in Canada at the library and my 11 year old daughter LOVES them. We’ve been trying to find more in the series! We were disappointed to see that they end part way through the alphabet. Is there any chance that you, or the other co-writers will finish through to “Z”?

    Thanks again, from your Canadian fans!!!

  13. I’m afraid I don’t know. I wrote the first three Lady Graces and Feud about ten years ago now and consulted on the rest. I think it stopped around M. Contacting the publishers – Random House – couldn’t hurt.

  14. Hi, Patricia, I have read the Lady Grace mystery books please can you write another book for the series.
    Rowena Sears.

  15. I hope that you do write another Lady Grace mystery book as it is one of my favourite series. I also hope that you can make it through to Z without skipping any letters!

  16. Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Sir Robert Cary novels, Sargeant Dodd is my favourite fictional character since Richard Sharpe.
    My wife is descended from border reivers so is there any chance your could put a Rutherford or two in the next book?

  17. Thank you! It’s possible, but I’ve have to check where the Rutherfords were and what they were up to and so on. But it’s possible!

  18. Thank you. I’m afraid you have to write to the publishers at Random House and tell them you want more – it isn’t up to me!

  19. I would love to but I’m afraid that’s up to the publishers who are Random House. Writers aren’t very powerful people, you know!

  20. Longing for more Robert Carey books. Alarmed by Dodd s New hostility to Carey.Dodd my favourite character. My granny was a Lythgoe, so very interested in Border history. How her family ended up in Wigan I shall never know.

  21. Love the Carey books! Can’t wait for more. They would make a wonderful BBC series. I read lots of historical mysteries and your characters really do jump off the pages. Thanks for the stories.

  22. I’m fond of Dodd and I’ve just realised he’s really the hero of the series – Carey is just the catalyst. So I’m afraid he has a hard road in front of him.

  23. Love your books which I discovered via a famine of horses when it was free as a promotion, but it seems forever since your last in the series was published. Your other series are only partially available as well. I want to buy them all but am holding out for an orderly sequence. I live in Australia and love historical fiction, especially when it is beautifully researched. Is there any way this situation can be rectified? I read ebooks these days because our collective reading capacity in this family outstripped the number of books we could store some years ago

  24. I just finished your latest Robert Carey book…Wow! What a way to end a book! I want to know when to expect the next one. Surely we won’t lose Dodd…

  25. I’m sorry to take so long to answer this – I’m not very good at dealing with my website, despite having had one for about seven years.
    My lips are sealed on the subject of Sergeant Dodd, but I can at least tell you I’ve started Carey 9, 1st draft. Sign up for my email list if you want to keep up with the latest!

  26. I sympathise with your difficulty re books and storage. If you go to Amazon and feed in P F Chisholm you’ll get all my Carey books. If you feed in Patricia
    Finney you get everything else.

  27. Please tell me there’s a Henry Dodd Fan Club! Like so many others, I would love to see a TV series based on the Sir Robert Carey books–who could we contact?

  28. Why not start a Sergeant Henry Dodd Fan Club – I know there are other fans of his out there?

    I’d love to see the Carey books as a TV series too – I’m doing my best!

    Sorry for taking so long to reply – I’ve been rewriting the ninth Carey book A SUSPICION OF SILVER.

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