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It’s a pdf of an article I wrote some time ago about my mother ‘WHEN MUMMY WORKED FOR THE CIA’ – and she did, too. This is by way of an introduction to a non-fiction book about her adventures in Hungary during the war which I’m writing at the moment.

There will be similar gifts in the future – teasers from upcoming Sir Robert Carey books, exclusive short stories and news about cats.


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Talking about Sir Robert Carey and Shakespeare

I have finally got it together to find and download the recording I made on the 30th November 2017 at Waterstones Truro, talking about Sir Robert Carey and Elizabethans generally.   I was also lucky enough to have totally authentic musical accompaniment from Ben Salfield and his lutar, including Lady Hunsdon’s Puff which is one of my favourites. Find Ben on www.bensalfield.com and also at the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Sorry, South Cornwall doesn’t exist.

You know there isn’t actually a place called South Cornwall, don’t you? I made it up so I wouldn’t get chased down the street by any Cornish lynch mobs – and also so I could make stuff up whenever I wanted to. That’s what I do. I’m hoping it’s going to grow and acquire its own geography and become so famous they’ll rename Falmouth after Lyonesse – though of course Lyonesse is a mixture of Falmouth, Penzance, Fowey and St Ives. The countryside is beautiful, there are lovely little coves with exciting smuggling history, and even old RAF bases and…

Death’s Dark Sieve – child mortality and the futurologists

  I won’t name the two famous and wealthy futurologists who were telling us about the wonderful world of AI and self-driving cars due to hit us in 10 to 15 years. I’m being kind and saving their blushes because as they chatted on the video about how terrible everything was in 1000 AD (or CE), they were making an elementary and annoyingly common statistical mistake about history. I mean, I understand that they’re Futurologists and don’t care all that much about history before 2000 or know much about it that isn’t from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. But…


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